Sunday, January 31, 2010


One of my secret childhood dreams was to become a jeweler. I came across some old jewelry today that I made back when I had the time and resources to do such things. A few of these items I still wear upon occasion, but most of them are rather tarnished.

'Harvest Moon' - This is the only piece I ever officially named. I believe this is a carnelian cabochan set in silver. The band is made of half round wire and wrapped with brass.

Left: Copper necklace with glass and plastic beads
Right: I believe the center cabochan is garnet, the outer moonstone, set in silver. I intended to work this into a y necklace but never did.

Silver slave bracelet with what may be ametrine cabochans. The silver pendant at the end was purchased.

Left: Brass cuff bracelet. The mold was made from melting a plastic fork.
Right: Copper and brass dress pendant.

A fossil I found at Lake Michigan, lightly polished and set in brass.

Silver labradorite ring alongside a silver heart "charm" bracelet.