Sunday, March 14, 2010

T-shirt Jewelry

So Body + Soul magazine had a great upcycle idea this month - t-shirt necklaces. It was actually quite fortuitous, as the husband had just decided to purge the closet of his worn out t-shirts.
The process is quite simple and needs no special tools (or any notable skill for that matter), although a rotary cutter and cutting mat are preferred to scissors.

1) Cut out several 3/4" wide strips from the bottom of the t-shirt (discarding the hem)
2) Pull the loops taught, causing the raw edges to curl in
3) Use a scrap of material from the t-shirt or otherwise to wrap the loops together at the seams (if any) and tuck loose end of scrap under itself (I wrapped the loops once before binding in order to make a shorter necklace)

I also applied to same method to the sleeves and made a bracelet:

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